Eating healthy foods, exercising, but not loosing weight ?

What causes weight gain ?

What could be responsible for your weight gain is a part of your brain called the Hypothalamus – which is responsible for most of your bodily functions,

like  blood pressure, hunger, body temperature, hydration, heart rate, hormonal regulation, metabolism, energy levels, mood and behavioural  functions to name but a few.


When this part of your brain malfunctions, it can affect your entire body and the way it should function.

One of the first things that can happen is that you lose the ability to feel full after a meal – which causes you to overeat!

There can be a number of reasons for your Hypothalamus to lose metabolic efficiency – such as physical or emotional trauma, eg: divorce, moving house, starting a new job, quitting smoking or hormonal fluctuations.

Whatever the cause – once there is malfunctioning, and your body begins to lose its ability to get rid of excess energy – it will be stored as excess tissue and weight gain is the result !


If not treated, and there is enough weight gain, the consequence can be obesity – which can lead to a series of clinical disorders – such as hypertension, insulin resistance, diabetes, gout and so forth !


Body fat accumulation is a consequence and not the cause of obesity. The cause of obesity is the malfunctioning of the Hypothalamus. It is important for you to know that you are not always responsible for the events leading up to your weight gain. You are suffering from a disorder and need to be treated as such!


The Perfect Health Protocol treatments should make your weight loss more comfortable, safe, aesthetic and physiological. We will also give you simple and practical guidelines to maintain your weight loss ( with some foods been restricted in the future )

hCG  stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced in large quantity’s by the placenta during pregnancy.  Researchers discovered hCG in the urine of pregnant women in 1927.  Its function is to manage the woman’s metabolic processes.


hCG is what most pregnancy tests test for in a woman’s urine to know if she is pregnant.


hCG has been found  in EVERY human tissue, including in males and non-pregnant females . Scientists have even found hCG in lungs, liver, stomach, etc.


What is hCG?


The late British doctor, Dr. ATW Simeons, was the first to discover hCG’s relationship to weight loss in the 1950's.

In fact, in 1954, Dr. Simeons published his first report (Lancet) on hCG and the management of obesity.

His patients lost more % body fat in comparison to those on other weight loss programs

Dr. Simeons proved that hCG also regulated the hypothalamus which is responsible for the excessive abnormal fat accumulation seen in obesity.  He noted that the hypothalamus can re-regulate itself during pregnancy, menopause, major illnesses, trauma or stress.


The hCG protocol is a safe and appropriate approach to obesity.  It combines pharmacological intervention, behavior modification and dietetic aspects.  When properly managed, it results in a rapid weight loss and excellent body contour.


The hCG protocol has allowed tens of thousands of people to realise miraculous and permanent weight loss results.  Stubborn fat located in the hips, buttocks and thighs specifically, melted away.


How is hCG used for weight reduction?

How the hCG Diet Works…

Intuitively, we all know that weight loss generally occurs only when fewer calories are taken than the body uses.  The use of hCG makes calorie restriction dieting easier because you do not experience the hard to manage symptoms of traditional diets such as headaches and uncontrollable hunger.  More importantly, hCG specifically targets the fat from body fat storage areas like the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. With traditional calorie restriction diets, fat is often preferentially lost from more essential structural fat areas such as joints, foot pads, face, under skin and even around internal organs.  The hCG diet results in safer weight loss while providing a sculpting effect.  Weight loss is not only noted on the scale, but the visible results are fabulous.


The hCG protocol is very low calorie, will I get hungry?

hCG utilises stored body fat, making it available to the body as an energy source, and therefore one’s appetite is naturally reduced.  On the hCG protocol, excess stored fat provides approximately 80% of the calories the body uses.  Therefore, the body is getting the energy it requires so it does not trigger the brain to signal the need for more food.  Even though your calorie intake is reduced, your body can access the energy stored in fat cells. However, while very unusual, hunger is a remote possibility during the first week of the protocol.


Wouldn't I lose the same amount of weight eating a very low calorie diet without hCG?

While it is true that the amount of weight lost with pure calorie restriction approximates that lost with an hCG diet the following points should be pointed out:

  •  With hCG there is no hunger or cravings and patients are comfortable. In fact, an hCG diet frequently elevates mood and increases energy.
  •  Traditional very low calorie diets also rob calories from other soft tissues, such a muscle and connective tissue as well as essential fat storage around organs. This does not happen on the HCG diet.
  •  Because essential structural fat under the skin and in joints is spared and abnormal fat areas only are targeted, the effect results in improved body contour with more inches lost.
  •  Fat is lost from the most commonly desired areas (hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen etc.).
  •  Weight loss is far more easily maintained.


How will I feel while on the hCG diet?

People are typically very comfortable while on hCG and often experience an increase in energy and positive mood.  Symptoms such as headaches, mood swings or feeling lightheaded DO NOT typically occur.


How much weight can I expect to lose?

In one typical 4-6 week cycle women can lose between 8 to 12 kg.  Males can do slightly better!







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